Posted in February 2013


Want to drop from great highs and still live? Experience the artificial drop! It is like bungee jumping, but you don’t spring back. Scaryyyyyyyy •wen Place: ziplinging Eco park, fl Advertisements

Tea Time

A regular cup of tea. Can it be more? Take some time, have some tea. No matter the time of day or night, tea will and can always be very soothing. -Mlis

Live sound

What better than listening to it from an iPod, being there live. Although sometimes you may not see the artist properly, it’s the experience and vibes when you are there. Never been to a concert? Go and experience it! It is fun!! •Wen Location: Hollywood bowl, California Event: Korean music festival 2011. Performer: u-kiss


Reindeers! Reindeers..? Deers…? Hmm…elks?! Whatever it freezing even the legs are turning into icicles. “What you looking at?” “You got something on your head..” -Mlis

On the grill

Some homemade BBQ! Enjoy it everyone!! •wen Food: Kalbi, bulgogi, mashed potatoes Recipes on request 🙂 -sorry for late post!

Movie Cheater

I have only seen this happen in movies. Have anyone ever tried it in real life? Won’t either party be suspicious right away anyway? Why not just set a “date” with each one back to back? They would never know =] -Mlis source:

Tigger Lunch

A lovely not so healthy lunch with my fav Tigger! Tigger enjoyed it very much! Homemade: Tamago, Seasoned grill salmon, Shell mac & cheese and a nice cold cup of Cherry Coke -Mlis