Posted in March 2013

Midnight cravings?

Just when you need that midnight snack!! Cookies!! Fattening but so good! Give your healthy body a break and have a cookies! •Wen Place: Midnight Cookies. Gainesville,FL Advertisements

The road

The road, Think of it as the journey, the end is there but you don’t see it. Enjoy the things in life Look back but keep moving forward. There will be an end, some just may be longer than some! Encouragement of the week! •Wen

Crunchy Salty Bits

Salty yet dry but also sweet and crunchy with a hint of five spice. Hmm…what is a good way to describe this taste… You will have to try it for yourself! Just as how each person is different and unique, the way something is described will be different and unique as well. Definitely has me … Continue reading

Melt away…

Spring greetings!! The time to make snowmen is coming to an end!! Or has ended. We are greeted with spring! Goodbye snowman, melt away! See you in a year!! •Wen

Light Up!!

Red spot everywhere!! Red and white lighted trees. Lights at night = beautiful nights. However, the flash from camera might have ruined this wonderful moment. But then again whatever looks nice through our eyes can never transfer well onto any form of hard copy. -Mlis

Taste of fish

Many ways of eating fish. Here is to some raw fish! Topped on rice, nigiri. You will be able to taste the freshness of the fish (if it is fresh) and its natural texture! Dipped with a small amount of wasabi and soy sauce! Way of Japanese culture, in America it is on the pricier … Continue reading

Standing Still

Brain fart… No comment. Can’t think of anything nice or good to say. Just let the music take you away. It is the weekend. Go out, have fun, let the music take to some new heights, get wasted…not. -Mlis Cr: U-Kiss – “Standing Still”