Ideal Lover

A little love talk.

I never get tired of this song. Could it be you are what you listen?

Translated lyrics for those that don’t understand

Dressing up nicely, I looked at the watch anxiously
My heart was beating fast as the time approached
This is my first date with you

The golden ray of sunlight poured on the sidewalk
I’ve changed a new lipstick and set my hair
For you to see the goodness in me

I like the confidence you have when you walk
Your attentive look when you speak
Your gentle expression and your innocent smile
I believe I can never find a better person than you
How is your ideal lover in your heart?
Will I be qualified?

I really wanna know what kind of girls can get your perfect marks
My dear, please let me play a more important role in your life
I wanna ask, my dear, when you prepare to enhance the relationship
From friends to couple, Can you
please tell me your benchmark, so that I won’t wait in vain

I heard the sound of the footsteps of time
You nodded to me from the opposite street
And walked towards me slowly
Everything was like a dream


Song: Rainie Yang – Ideal Lover


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