Posted in April 2013

Sweet evil

The game that’s the top grossing and in the top 5 list for popular free games. The game that can get you going for hours!! It is like bejeweled but only with strategy! I don’t want to be the cause of you trying it out! But it gets pretty addictive! Yes I am already addicted!! … Continue reading

Healthy Yet Satisfying

Who said steak isn’t healthy?! As long as you pair any unhealthy dish with some greens, it magically becomes deliciously healthy! But seriously though, make sure you always eat a well balanced meal. Meaning! A little of everything in the food pyramid. -Mlis

Sweetness in a cup!

It is almost summer!!! That has nothing to do with cupcakes… Craving some sweets? May be something vegan? Lactose intolerant? There are still tasty sweets out there!! Even cup cakes!! Cup cakes also can have tons of flavors! Ranging from green tea to French toast flavors! Quite interesting.. You might need to look harder than … Continue reading

10 Bets You Will Always Win

Some cool tricks you can perform at a party and ‘hustle’ some money out of some drunk people! Yeah!…No? Either way, these are some pretty darn cool tricks. Sure, some of them deserve a punch in the face but, hey! You didn’t think of the answer. So people learn these tricks and when you have … Continue reading

Summer Rain

April showers? You think it will just be hot hot hot? Well in Florida, we can expect some showers, you know what they say April showers may flowers…? We will just have to wait and see Ready to be sticky, wet and hot!! Lol •Wen

Spring Rolls!

Spring rolls and fishsticks! Love the crunchyness! Best eaten with some pepper sauce or anything spicy! Then again spicy makes everything good and awesome! Of course, try not to eat this for lunch, breakfast, and dinner… Not exactly healthy. -Mlis

Speak up!

What do you want people to hear? You don’t have to be an artist to own a microphone, maybe you want to practice speech, or voice dairy Helps you record what you want to say!! •Wen


Yum!! Pot stickers aka dumplings aka gyoza aka mandu So many names for this meat wrapped in flower! It is yummy! Can be vegetarian inside, any kinda of meat! •Wen Food: SAMs club potstickers.