Posted in May 2013

Lee Hyori – “Bad Girls”

Long anticipated and long awaited comeback of Miss Lee.Hyo.Ri!! Lee Hyori the originator of sexy and charming. Compared to her last comeback, this one is better. It is still a little weird but it is still better than her “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” “Bad Girls” is very comical as to “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” is … Continue reading

Bringing back those days

A back in the day technology is brought back! These Polaroid cameras are quite popular. For people to make great memories. These instant photos! Need to know how to take pictures and there are no retries! And once it is taken, shake away! The size of the picture is made smaller though, these Polaroid is … Continue reading

A Different View

Who said golf-carts are only for the golf course? In this lovely little town, The Villages, golf-carts roam all parts of the road. Some roads even have specially designed tracks just for the golf-carts! Location: The Villages downtown, florida -Mlis

Rabbit candy!

No, it isn’t made out of rabbit. It is a white, with a soft chew texture. It is similar to a taffy. There is also a wax paper around it once you open it and that’s edible! It was said that 7 of these candies are equivalent to one cup of milk!! The original flavor … Continue reading

M.I.B. – “Nod Along”

Rap feels a little too tough for the rhythm of the song. Love the singing parts but the rap parts feel as if it could’ve been a different song. Yes, auto-tune is a little too much but it works for this song. Special effects in the rap parts were a little overboard in my opinion. … Continue reading


Too hot? No beach? Get relaxing in a pool! Enjoy some time in the sun! Get some fresh air, watch the sunset. Or even get a workout! Swim a couple of laps! Water aerobics! Fun times •Wen

Kick Back

Nothing beats a good beer and some fatty, oily pizza goodness. Pizza always makes everything better. On lazy or frustrating days, take a moment and have yourself a good meal. Food will always solve all your problems. -Mlis

Coloring days

Crayons!!! Well… Markers Sometimes it is relaxing to color. Different shades. Only time when you can make anything whatever color you want!! Take a day and color a little! •Wen