Posted in June 2013

That morning buzz

Need a wake up booster? Maybe it works for you or it doesn’t! Get that caffeine to get your day going. Maybe it doesn’t work for everyone. What’s your morning regime? •Wen Credit place: Starbucks Advertisements

B.A.P – Coffee Shop

  Disappointing… Lost at words. No idea what to say about it other than that it is not their style! The song is not bad itself. Just didn’t expect B.A.P. to do songs like these. Why are they straying away from their original concept. It is nice to see a softer side but B.A.P. first … Continue reading

Like a dragon

Seething that was used as a border is now an attraction! The Great Wall of china! A very very very very long wall that has a walk way. It was used as a separator of countries and now it is still kept there as an attraction. The winding wall that doesn’t seem to end. You … Continue reading

Nomm Nomm!

Nomm nomms!!! Always happy to receive some junk food. Normally not a snack person but was just craving some!!! Always have moderate portions and not all of it. -Mlis


Remember these? Yes those were the days when CDs were It and we walk around with a disc-player playing our favorite CD. Nowadays technology, we purchase our favorite songs online and have it directly on our MP3 players, or should I say iPods. Also, since when did CDs became so fancy? It isn’t the regular … Continue reading

Overkilled fun!

Just a little fun!!! Time for some relaxation by overkilling your uvula! Is what we all need once a while, no? Location: Noraebang (or however it wants to be spelt) Somewhere on O.B.T., Orlando, FL -Mlis

Oh ri oh

Do you eat it as it is? Dip it in milk? Split it open and eat each side? However you eat it! This is a fun cookie snack! There is the plain flavor which is vanilla creme but there is also other flavors depending on the season! Since it is summer so they have summer … Continue reading

BTS – No More Dream

BTS…Why didn’t they look over the name before finalizing?! BangTan Boys/Scouts or BulletProof Scouts/Boys is a great name but why not shorten it to BTB or BPS or BPB. Why BTS? I keep thinking Behind The Scene. But other than the name, it has a strong and wild message. It is a good message but … Continue reading