Queen of Ambition


Kdrama Tuesday!

Since its summer I have recently started to watch korean drama.

Before I started watching korean dramas I was more into dramas from Hong Kong and then Taiwan. Since I could understand it, I was into the whole reading subtitles. One day I decided to try it and it wasn’t all that bad.

Korean dramas are quiet interesting sometimes, because of the different cultures and believes between America and Asian, the storylines are also quite different.

I picked this drama to talk about because I found it quite exciting and interesting. It revolves around money, greed and power. This drama is based on a manhwa (korean comic). A woman is born into poverty and is willing to do anything to get out of poverty. Once she is out of poverty, she became so greedy that she did not stop there. She would do anything to get where she wants, First Lady.

If you get a chance and have the attention span to try a korean drama, I recommend watching this. I personally liked it.

ALSO! If you are a kpop fan, TVXQ’s yunho acts in this drama!

A lot of korean dramas are available on Hulu.


Watch on Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/queen-of-ambition

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