Remember these?
Yes those were the days when CDs were It and we walk around with a disc-player playing our favorite CD.

Nowadays technology, we purchase our favorite songs online and have it directly on our MP3 players, or should I say iPods.

Also, since when did CDs became so fancy? It isn’t the regular square size anymore? Well at least not these foreign music, like k-pop. They all come with booklets of pictures of the singers and all. Guess that’s the reason people would buy a physical copy, just for the photos.

Now buying CDs is more of a collection than it is to actually listen to it. A great way to support the artists too! What is your collecting interest?


CDs are all mine. I am selling my CD collection so if you are interested in purchasing any of them e-mail me at ( I have mainly k-pop CDs with some TW-pop. CDs ranging from 2AM to 2PM, BIGBANG to 2NE1, SHINee to girls generation and super junior, and many more! TW-pop are mainly Wilber pan, Show Lo, Rainie Yang, and Wang Lee Hom. Some of the CDs we have, are autographs on them and we would sell those too! Just e-mail me if you want to know the list of CDs I have. (Ill probably make a list and post it on my selling blog) check it out when you have time! 🙂


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