Posted in July 2013

Creative fun

Remember hacky sack? The foot bag game? This is just like it! Well the Chinese version! Mount a couple of feathers with a heavy base like coins at the bottom and it works perfectly like a hacky sack! I think it has the same concept like the badminton shuttle. Chinese people are so clever! I … Continue reading

Paint The Night

Painting with light at night with a flashlight, glow-stick, or any other stick illuminating light is fun and all… But! try it with moving vehicles! Try to paint with light that you can not control! The only thing you have control of is timing and your camera settings. -Mlis

Fatty chance!

Yes, it is back! McDonald’s monopoly! This is he only time it is okay to eat McDonald’s? Is it worth it? Are you eating McDonald’s just for the monopoly now? Or it doesn’t phase you? I think it is also a win win situation. America runs on fast food right? So fast food and chancing … Continue reading

Artistic attempt

Hello people! Here u am trying to be artistic! Was snapping away on my phone and then looked through my pictures and found this! Looks very interesting! If you are not a photo expert, don’t worry just snap away! You never know what great picture you will see! That’s it for this week! Hope everyone … Continue reading

K-pop Tuesday! With ailee – U&I

Hey guys!! Today’s post is one of those. If you are into korean music then you will know. For those that don’t listen to korean pop music. Here is a little some for you maybe. Take a listen! Ailee is a female singer that was born and raised here in America! She started by singing … Continue reading

Chick ‘n chips

Hey guys! Greetings from red robin! I am surprised to find a red robin in my area and after seeing all those commercials I thought that I have to try it! I am not a burger girl, so I decided to try the appetizer! The chips that came with it were pretty good. The wings … Continue reading

A closer look

Hey everybody! Coming live from Epcot! Maybe not live.. Nice views! Seeing it from a far and can also use the telescope (that’s what it is called right) A pretty view! Seeing a lot of countries at one time and you can take a closer look. Hope everyone is having a good day! Enjoy the … Continue reading