Posted in August 2013

Hear the waves

Isn’t it cool! This strip of rocks is separating the beach area from the fishing area!! Pretty darn cool! But that means there might be baby sharks in the beach area! Cause you can fish them… Nice and breezy! Night fishing is always fun too!! So relaxing! •Wen Advertisements

Sizzle sizzle… ‘Tis the season!

Sizzle sizzle!! Make sure you get some BBQ time in before the winter season hits! Grab a grill, either at a park or in your back yard and then get some sausage, burgers, anything!! Some veggies and buns and then grill away!!! Get up and go out there!! Grab some friends and enjoy the wonderful … Continue reading

Chocolate in a bottle

Greetings everyone! Forget ship in a bottle!! This is chocolate in a bottle! Maybe it isn’t that clear but looks fun! I fitted a bite size chocolate in a bottle! •Wen

Roses Are…

Roses…such delicate and fragile creatures. They say depending on the color of the rose it could have different meanings. However, not everyone has the ability to be surrounded by mother nature’s creations. So would handmade or manufacture colored roses still hold the same meaning? -Mlis

Mini ones

Happy weekend! How is everyone’s weekend going. Last week of summer for some of you . 😦 Have some lovely dessert! This is cheesecakes! Miniature ones! Also I made them in two flavor just to try something new. It was a trial for us as well but what we did was instead of plain cream … Continue reading

24K – U R So Cute

Very cute. The beat of the song is pretty catchy and the story is pretty cute too. But it is a little creepy that her cat doll plush have come to live and ‘haunting’ her. On scene that is confusing and just…weird is when she is climbing the ladder to get a book and the … Continue reading


Like kimchi fried rice? Can’t find a restaurant in your area that sells it? Then worry no more! Here is a simple recipe to making your own kimchi fried rice. What you need and need to do is get About 3 cups of cooked rice. About 1/2 cups of kimchi and squeeze the juices and … Continue reading