Hidden mickeys


We do t just have an annual pass just to play at the parks!? Let the collection magic begin!

For those who don’t know, Disney sell pins and there are a million of them! Different characters, shapes, sizes! You name it! There are those that just buy the pins that appeal to them and then there are those that just wants them all!!

To make things fun, Disney has some pins that are just for the hobbyists! The hidden mickeys…. These are special pins that can only be obtained by trading with cast members (people that work at Disney) well there is also those punches that you can buy with 2 random ones and you chance it. There are a million of sets. On the back of the pins you see something like “2 of 5” or “1 of 15” which means there are a set and you can collect them all and make a nice collection.

This pin trading can get pricey, crazy, and fun all at the same time. Every so often Disney releases new sets and guests so crazy trying to collect them.

But there are also those pin traders that just collects pins based on there favorite characters. For example a guest likes Stitch and decides to make their collection all stitch pins!

There is the pin trader game in a nutshell. There is so much you can do. Trying to complete the latest pin collection set, collecting your favorite character, or different theme.

If you are a pin trader, what kind of pins do you trade and how do you do it? Collect them all? Or just what looks good to you?

Happy pin trading!



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