Refreshingly Smooth


Summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean it is over.
So why not make a smoothie…or buy one to keep cool! …even if it is for only a short while.
Not sure how to make a fancy pansy smoothy?
No worries! Here is a simple way to make it.
Dump a handful of ice into a blender.
Drop in your favorite fruits…frozen or fresh..either one works!
Pour in about a third of the mixture already in the blender worth of water, milk, or any type of liquid.
Cloae the cover and blend!
Blend till all the ice is crushed and you have a thick consistancy.
If it is too watery, add some mire ice!
To thick; can’t crush all the ice?
Add in some of the liquid!
Pour out into cup and decorate as see fit and…
A smoothie!!


Disclaimer: mixture may taste funky depending on your ingredients. You will be held responsible for your taste.


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