24K – U R So Cute

Very cute.
The beat of the song is pretty catchy and the story is pretty cute too.
But it is a little creepy that her cat doll plush have come to live and ‘haunting’ her.
On scene that is confusing and just…weird is when she is climbing the ladder to get a book and the boys creating a human ladder to help her get the book.
First of all! If you want to get a book of a very large bookcase, place the ladder either directly under the book you desire or at least a half of foot away.
This way reaching the book is no problem!
There was nothing blocking the ladder from being right under the book she wanted to get.
So she could’ve easily rolled the ladder over and then get her book.
And how creepy it is that her plush dolls are keeping her from having a normal life.
Not to mention that like some weird magic they become real people and one actually fall in love with the girl.
And another thing! Why are they so surprised to see the girl’s face in the end.
It is not like they don’t know who their owner is.
Unless…she placed them away for almost 10 years or more and the cat plush dolls do not know how she has changed through out the years and they are trying to sneak a peek at her face, without her knowing, but gets blocked constantly.

But overall it is a pretty nice MV to watch and the lyrics do sort of match the story.
The fault in the MV is small enough to be covered by all the other stuff going on.
The choreography is very cutesy.
If you looked up 24k debut song and then watch this one, you would not believe the complete change!

Credit: 24K – U R So Cute MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul]



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