Posted in September 2013

Block B – Be The Light (빛이 되어줘)

Oh.My.Gosh!!!! EEEEEeeeeEEEeeK!!! BLOCK B IS BACK!!!! OMGSH!!! Been waiting for them to come back for quite some time now. At first, I was a little worried that they would disband due to the lawsuit they had against the agency they signed (which can be found here) even though they lost the lawsuit…but am I glad … Continue reading

Rock hard at hard rock!!!

Greeting people!! Today’s feature is the Hard Rock at Universal Orlando!! I’ve never been there, I just walk pass it when I go from on theme park to the other…. Hehe I would like to see inside one day! And rock hard! Haha….play upon words? That’s it for this week scenery with me!! Hope everyone … Continue reading

Five-Spiced Pork Cutlets

Hawkers is and always be one of the best asian restaurants in Orlando, Florida. Not sure if that is authentic Malaysian food but it sure is good! There is no other restaurant that can five-spice the way they so. Yes, five-spice probably has a lot of salt but there are other spices that makes it … Continue reading

Be scared!

It is that time again! Halloween is up and coming! And the theme parks are having a little Halloween party! While Disney is catering to the kids with their not so scary Halloween party, universal studios is having a more adult theme with zombies and scare houses and alcohol~~ Each yea universal Halloween has a … Continue reading

Sprinkled with pixie dust

The famous Mickey ice cream bar!! I are one two days ago and I ask myself if it is any different than a normal ice cream bar. The Mickey bars are from the brand nestle… I am pretty sure it tastes the same when you buy a nestle ice cream bar. BUT!! When you are … Continue reading

BTOB – When I Was Your Man

OMGSH!!! BTOB!!! Awesome group! Love them! Such cute boys! How can anyone not like them and break up with them?! You must be crazy to want to break up with any of these 7 handsome young men! But that is not the reason for this post. Well, in a way it is but let’s talk … Continue reading

Celebrate the moon!

Yes! It is that time of year again, when the moon is at it’s fullest! Yes.. This is the brightest and fullest moon. Chinese culture has it! The moon festival! (It might not be only Chinese but because I am Chinese I will say Chinese) There are myths and stories behind the moon festival. Myth … Continue reading