Nostalgia with “Reply Me 1997”


Today’s entertainment is with korean drama! Today’s drama is “Reply Me 1997” or “Answer Me 1997”

Very nostalgic! Even if you didn’t grow up in South Korea, you will remember some of those things! The drama goes from the group having a reunion and jumps back into the past and you find out about the couples and those that were getting married.

The drama research was well done, made it look very believable. For me it was funny to watch some of the things they had and it brought back memories! From items such as the flip phones or clam phones, tamagotchi, computer games! It was very well researched.

I was born or I’ve never lived I South Korea, so the popular kpop group did not apply to me…

It sure is a very interesting drama to watch! If you are a kdrama watcher, you should check it out! If you haven’t yet!

It was well done and I liked it!


Drama: Reply Me 1997 available on


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