Celebrate the moon!


Yes! It is that time of year again, when the moon is at it’s fullest! Yes.. This is the brightest and fullest moon. Chinese culture has it! The moon festival! (It might not be only Chinese but because I am Chinese I will say Chinese)

There are myths and stories behind the moon festival. Myth has it that there is a moon god there named “Chang Er”. I don’t know the story but she flew up there and is stuck! That’s all my story…

For moon festival we usually eat mooncakes! Which is made of different stuff. There usually is a paste.. Popular ones are lotus paste, red bean paste.. But there are a tonne of others! Like green tea, durian, ect. The more traditional ones are the lotus paste and there is an egg yolk in it which represents the moon! Egg yolk is duck egg yolk preserved. It is very sweet and folk usually pair it with some kind of tea.


This is usually the packaging but I didn’t buy one cause I don’t eat it much. There are usually four in a tin box. You should definitely try it if you haven’t yet!!

Lastly… How can we forget tonight’s moon… (Beware… Bad picture of moon)


Yup… This is the best I could do… Hope you got a better view!!

Happy lunar day! Happy moon festival!! 中秋節快乐!!! Hope you got your mooncakes and a glance of the moon!


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