BTOB – When I Was Your Man

Awesome group! Love them!
Such cute boys!
How can anyone not like them and break up with them?!
You must be crazy to want to break up with any of these 7 handsome young men!
But that is not the reason for this post.
Well, in a way it is but let’s talk about the song.
First of, why does Peniel only get 3 lines?!
Why are they under estimating him?!
And Minhyuk need to stop doing both rap and sing…

Such a soft happy beat.
If you didn’t get any translation, you wouldn’t even know that it is about a girl breaking up with them and regretting she did.
Yes at some point you can think of it as them being self-observed and self-centered that they are better than all the other men.
Nonetheless, it is a good song to listen to.

Source: BTOB – When I Was Your Man MV [English subs]


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