Block B – Be The Light (빛이 되어줘)

Oh.My.Gosh!!!! EEEEEeeeeEEEeeK!!!
OMGSH!!! Been waiting for them to come back for quite some time now.
At first, I was a little worried that they would disband due to the lawsuit they had against the agency they signed (which can be found here) even though they lost the lawsuit…but am I glad they didn’t disband!!!!!!
They are back! and… with interesting different concept.

It is different from their usual title songs which was very in your face, upbeat, and tough.
But if you are a BBC (Block B Fanclub) you would know that they dabble in all parts of the music world.
Whether it be rock, rap, hip hop, R&B…not very good at describing genres…
BUT! What I’m trying to say is that no matter what genre Block B does, it is always great!
There is rarely a genre that they don’t do well.
Well done Zico. I tip my hat off to you.

However…there is one thing about them that I wish! they would change/correct/…research..
“I deep inside of you”
I’m sorry what?!?!
Whoa whoa whoa…I get you guys want to have a mature image but are those lyrics not too raw/mature?!
“I deep inside of you”…Do you mean you are deeply emotionally involved with the girl?
If that is the case, then you guys need to rephrase the sentence a little better because…
Yeah…I am sorry…all I can think of for that sentence is something very very dirty…
Maybe I am just dirty minded…
Tell me you do not think the same thing when you hear that sentence.

Ok…and now the MV itself.
Definitely like the way it is lit.
However, I am not sure if there really was a connection between the story being told and the lyrics of the song.
But then again…it is very rare to find a song’s lyrics matching what is going on in the MV.
However, I do think that it is picking up and they are really trying to tie a story to the song’s lyrics.
Doing that is great and all; just please do not loose the choreography concept of what K-pop is all about.

In conclusion, stinking happily excited for Block B’s comeback! MV looks great..light-wise. English lyrics needs a little more help. But don’t take my word for it. Go and watch it for yourself and be the judge.

Source: Block B – Be The Light (빛이 되어줘) MV [English subs]


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