Posted in October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween people!!! Hope everyone got to dress up! No, I don’t dress up… Pumpkin pumpkins!!! That’s all I gotta say! Have a fun and safe Halloween!! •Wen Advertisements

~Baby, baby 그대는 Caramel Macchiato~ Trans: ~Baby, baby you’re a Caramel Macchiato~ Something something…dont know the rest of the lyrics… Lyrics taken from BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) – Coffee. The analogy they make with coffees and their love for a girl is not as crazy as you think. If you really think about it…it really does … Continue reading

Japchae from the Caribbean

Hey hey everyone! This weeks food is korean! But it is in Jamaica!! I was surprised that there was even a Korean restaurant in Jamaica! Because the restaurant is still new and under development. The food was interesting and not like America, the ingredients were different too! Here is the japchae with some side dishes. … Continue reading

Teen Top – Date MV

Teen Top…such cuties!! Good song. Kinda wished it was an actual MV and not just behind the scene footage or random footage of the boys. Perfect for the season. Makes you want to go out with your lover and just have a perfect, sweet, romantic, love date. Let this be a reminder of the moment … Continue reading

Tropical sun and sand

Hey guys!! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything interesting…. That’s because I haven’t been anywhere… BUT! I recently did a little traveling and went to the Caribbean!! Namely Jamaica. I got a chance to go to a nearby beach although it isn’t the best in the island but pretty looking. Sand and sun was … Continue reading

Stuffed Cutie

“Am I not a cutie?” “Everyone just love me!” Sometimes you have to create personalities with objects around you to escape the world. Yes. There will be some that would be think differently of you but never let those types bring you down. Always believe in what you feel comfortable in. -Mlis