uBEAT – Should Have Treated You Better

uBeat, a hip hop sub group of uKiss.
Yes it is a bit of an older song considering that this song debuted a while back.
But I am in the mood for something old.

First impression of this subgroup and style is that it was similar to Infinite H.
Both have a hip hop feel to it.
Both consist of the 2 rappers of the ‘mother’ group.
However, I am happy that uBeat included a singer to the subgroup instead of just consisting of only 2 rappers.
But I was told that the singer is not entirely part of the subgroup but only a feature.
How is he a feature when he is all the songs in the album..?
A permanent temporary member?
Hopefully they will make him part of the subgroup.
I do believe that with him in it, the group would be very nice.
It is a very nice combo!

Next, I feel this group or the directors for all their MVs have an obsession with dead lovers…
In this MV as well as ‘0330’ they both have the same kinda feel as to where they are upset about not being able to be with the ‘love of their life’.
Although I am not complaining since I think it is a very touching and romantic story but I would like to see the members to actually be with the girl instead of never being able to be happy.
uBeat and uKiss do a pretty good job at matching the lyrics to the MV.
Yes there are parts that could be better or could be elaborated on a little more but…
But at least the mood of the song fits the way the MVs are shot.
I would like to see a complete story from uKiss one day.
An MV that will match the lyrics of the song with the MV.

Well there is my little 2 cents on this MV.
If you don’t like it then…just ignore everything here and make your own opinions about the MV.
An opinion is just that…an opinion..subjective.

Source: uBEAT – Should Have Treated You Better MV [ENG SUB]



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