Posted in November 2013

Not so crazy rolls

Don’t need fancy sushi rolls! No… That’s only cause the fancier ones are expensive…. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and good weekend •Wen Place: mahzu, Gainesville Florida. Advertisements

Tasty – Day n’ Night (떠나가) MV

Oh my gosh…the twins have grown so much… And by that I didn’t mean height wise. They have changed since they debut. They have become more handsome and producers are definitely trying to make each’s personality come out more. Not entirely sure if it is a personality the company assigns them or if it is … Continue reading

Five Spiced…

Ahhh…Five Spiced Tofu…from Hawkers is awesome! Love the five spice flavor. What about it is so great or good? Not sure really. It is a flavor that is not too easily explained… Maybe…salty, grounded peppers, umm… some anise powder, perhaps cinnamon… or crushed basil… not sure. (… looking up the ingredients…) Ok…wow… closer but not … Continue reading

Thousand Words

What a beautiful day…3 days ago!! Such a beautiful clear day. Winter is here in the south and a clear day like that is hard to come by… Not too hot, not to cold. Wish everyday could be a beautiful clear perfect temperature day. Sigh… But honestly though, a day like this is best expressed … Continue reading


For all those in America, thanksgiving is coming up! What’s a better way to celebrate than with some beer! Don’t forget the turkey, which is the most important part of it all! Happy thanksgiving! Let me know if your family does anything unique, other than making a turkey! Gobble gobble! •Wen

FT Island – Madly (미치도록) MV

Oh my gosh!!! FT. Island!!! Love FT. Island!! Ok well maybe not always but their songs sure are catchy and touchy. Yes, I do not normally like the slow ones but the fast, upbeat, rock ones are just stinking awesome!! I am surprised that I didn’t mind listening to this one. I will admit that … Continue reading

Speed away

Only place where children can drive! And it is okay. Enjoying the view from top! Go go racers!! •Wen Place: speedway, tomorrowland Orlando fl

Chop Suey Soup

Craving something noodly? How about something soupy? What about something processed and quick? Can’t decide which ones of these you want? Simple solution. Throw them all into a pot and toss it together!! Don’t like it soupy? No problem! Get your noodle or rice or whatever startch you like, make it edible! Drain the noodles. … Continue reading