Trouble Maker – ‘내일은 없어 (Now)’ MV (Uncut)

Wow…I can not believe what I am seeing!
Leave it to TroubleMaker to make a HOT comeback!
Wow…Other than SeungRi…I do not think I know any other K-pop idol that would and could pull something off like this.

The Uncut version is nice.
There were some questionable parts in the storyline.
Especially at the end.
HyunSeung gets to the location to take out someone, I would presume but instead there are agents? or body guards waiting for him.
Then instead of just shooting HyunSeung with the guns they had which they cocked when they saw him coming, they guys decided to chase HyunSeung into an alley and then we hear 2 gunshots.
Ok..I get that you wanted the audiences to root for HyunSeung because he is the ‘hero’ of that story but come on!!
We know he has a silencer!
There is no way a silencer would sound like that!
Also, HyunSeung takes out the 2 body guards and then just leaves his car there and walks into a tunnel.
The same tunnel HyunSeung himself assassinated a guy!
Which, by the way, it was very unnatural the way he shot the guy but whatever…I can overlook that.
So back to the end of the story…so HyunSeung walks through that same tunnel and gets assassinated himself.
Mind you! He left his car behind at that…container warehouse (not sure what it is called).
Then HyunSeung somehow magically got his car and died in his car…
That makes no sense to me!
You arrive at location with a car, kill the 2 guys, then limps-ish away from the car into a tunnel, gets shot and is sitting there for a bit, then somehow got the strength to go all the way back to that lactation you left your car, got in the car and decided to drive back to HyunA and then midway dies?!?!
How much of that end actually makes sense?!

Sigh…Oh also, what is that Joker make-up all about??
Does it contribute in any way to the story or song?
Don’t get me wrong though…I really like the song.
It is catchy and has a nice enough beat and the choreography for the chorus is something that only TroubleMaker can pull off which is awesome!
The MV, uncut ver, is awesome! I liked it a lot except for the ending…the ending just didn’t do it for me.

The song itself doesn’t really talk much about being sexually attracted to one another but in a way it does make sense.
Since when you do love someone you want to give them your body, soul and mind.
And they did that but somehow the lyrics might have or could have been for something a little cleaner and sweeter.
But then again, if it was clean and sweet then it wouldn’t be TroubleMaker, now would it?

Overall, great song; nice beat.
Regular ver of the MV is good enough but seeing TroubleMaker act was pleasant to see as well.

REGULAR MV VER: Trouble Maker – ‘내일은 없어 (Now)’ M/V

ENG SUB: Trouble Maker – Now (내일은 없어) Hangul/Romanized/English Sub


P.S. That ending…sigh just that ending sigh…


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