TaeYang – Ring Linga (링가 링가)

TY – RL [lovekpopsubs] from LKS14 on Vimeo.

Hmm…So…First impression, very high budget MV it looks.
I want to say that it might not be a big budget MV but looking at the set and the crowd and performers they got.
I am pretty sure the MV had a pretty high budget.
They had TarYang standing on one of those building construction things.
And judging from the sky, I would say that he was at a pretty high altitude.
I am guessing that they did some coloring for that shot otherwise that sky was awesome that day!

Next, the song itself.
The song itself has a pretty catchy hook.
I like the chorus.
Anytime TaeYang has to sing, you can be sure that it will be good, great, and awesome!!
Normally I get tired of repetition and the chorus does repeat the title quite a bit.
Ok fine the chorus was just him singing the title over and over.
Somehow it wasn’t too repetitive for me…strange.
I am telling you YG artists have a strange effect on anyone that listens to it!
As for the verses…yeah not that big a fan.
I believe it is the first I hear TaeYang attempt a rap and I will say…it is really strange!!
I do not think I like TaeYang rapping.
I think he should stick with vocals!
Maybe if G-Dragon or T.O.P. rapped it, it would be good…
O also…I think TaeYang might be secretly paying tribute to Miley Cyrus…
“It’s our party we do what we want to”
I dunno…You tell me.

Just like all YG MVs…it doesn’t really have a point or do much with the lyrics.
Although I think ‘Ring Linga’ MV and lyrics do somehow fit together.
The lyrics basically says that you should go out and have fun and not to let anyone bring you down or kill your vibes.

Overall, it is a pretty catchy song and after seeing the dance version, you would want to dance to it just like that.
Love TaeYang dance steps!
Yes, I am a little YG Biased especially T.O.P. but if you don’t believe me, just watch the this MV and you be the judge.

Dance Ver: TAEYANG – RINGA LINGA Dance Ver.



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