FT Island – Madly (미치도록) MV

Oh my gosh!!!
FT. Island!!!
Love FT. Island!!
Ok well maybe not always but their songs sure are catchy and touchy.
Yes, I do not normally like the slow ones but the fast, upbeat, rock ones are just stinking awesome!!
I am surprised that I didn’t mind listening to this one.

I will admit that the MV is stunning to look at.
And the lights in the background gave it that feel of it wanting to be a very stunning MV but at the same time they are in a place that says they are abandoned.
Ok so I am being sarcastic but the lights in the background somehow I didn’t frown upon too much.
To me it really created that feel of them being abandoned which is matching the lyrics pretty well.

The lyrics are just really really…hmmm…how can I describe it…
But I thought the lyrics were really sad and romantic.
I mean where are you going to find a guy that is attached to you like they are and is actually as handsome as all those guys in FT. Island!
I mean come on!!
Would you really want to break up with a guy like them?
The lyrics reads how they can not be with anyone else but you…or something along those lines.
They would rather die missing you than love another.
Ok..so it sounds a little psychotic and stalky and just plain creepy but with the way these boys look, are you not willing to forgive them?
I mean just think about it, someone that is as handsome as these boys and is a great lover and friend.
And then one day you just felt you want to break up with them?
You really think you can do better?!
But…anyways enough of my lyrics ranting about these boys lol

The music, beat, melody, etc.
I honestly thought it would pick up during the chorus.
I was a little disappointed that it didn’t but it was still a good song.
The whole time when I was listening to it, I honestly thought it was going to really pick up in the chorus so I was just waiting for that moment…
It did pick up a little but I just wished it was a little more than that.

Even so, it was a pretty nice song.
MV was stunning; lyrics, what do you expect? It is FT. Island, was great!
The music…surprisingly nice and soft not really my taste but in slower much more relaxed times, it is a nice song to listen to.
Lyrics can definitely be quoted to your better halves to show them how much you love and want them and can’t live without them.



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