Tasty – Day n’ Night (떠나가) MV

Oh my gosh…the twins have grown so much…
And by that I didn’t mean height wise.
They have changed since they debut.
They have become more handsome and producers are definitely trying to make each’s personality come out more.
Not entirely sure if it is a personality the company assigns them or if it is really their own personality.
To me Big Dragon (pink hair) looks like G-Dragon (mind you I said look not personality; behavior anything. Just plain old facial structures…) and Lil Dragon (blue-ish, purple, silver hair) looks like SeuLong from 2AM.

Sure, the acting could be a little better from the twins but as usual the dancing is impressive.
They could definitely work on their acting some more.
Seems like they have similar expressions for every scene but with such great smiles and facial structures, does it really matter? Haha…
But I am sure they will grow and they all improve.

The MV itself is shot in Hong Kong which is awesome!
With so much going on in the background at all times, you don’t know what exactly you should pay attention to!
But luckily, the twins grab your attention enough and you only pay attention to them and basically make ever location more pleasant to look at…
Haha…Nah I am only kidding but the twins are definitely becoming more and more handsome.
As mention before…the synchronization of the choreography is always impressive.
Coming from a dancer background, I do not expect anything less.
If anything they should be on point and sharp as a knife all the time!

Oops…got distracted…
The girl in the MV…I don’t entirely know her relationship with the twins and the mafia guy near the end.
Does she belong to the mafia guy?
Is she working with that mafia guy to bring down the twins?
If so, what did the twins do that the mafia want their lives?
Or is she part of the mafia and the twins got involved with her and now her mafia boss doesn’t like the twins so he decides to ‘teach’ them a lesson?
Or did she owe the mafia guy a whole bunch of money and promises the guy that she can get 2 handsome guys he can use as prostitutes?
Or how about, she is the mafia guy’s wife and she is the one that went out and fell in love with the twins and now the mafia guy is mad and wants to take the twins lives?
I am confused!! I don’t know which one of these things are true?!
But the MV made us believe that she was involved with the older twin sibling but broke up with him and now is trying to get back together with him.
Of course like any drama, the older sibling is thinking about getting back with her and forgive whatever she did in the past…
But then we find out that the younger sibling had had a crush on her for a while!
She knows about it and is trying to get with both of them at the same time!
Typical…so typical of any story that involves 2 male best friends and a female.
Sigh…but it works with the lyrics I guess…

The lyrics make sense. Something that most people would go through once they love and lose.
Not sure what owning a noodle or fast food shop has anything to do with it though…

I can make up a story that goes as follow:
These twins are orphans along with the girl.
The three of them grew up together and are best of friends.
One day the twins got adopted and lived a happy life…
While the girl wasn’t that lucky and got involved with the wrong crowds i.e. mafia kids.
5 years passed and the twins are orphaned…again…with little or no money left for them.
Despite their unfortunate situations, their adoptive parents had a small street stall which is handed down to them.
With only each other to call home and family, they help each other stay and be strong against anything that come their way.
3 years later, they were able to get enough to have a stationary shop where they can carry their on with the family business.
Things were going great…then comes the girl and stirs up trouble.
She decides she wants to date the older sibling and then later break up with him.
Her reason?
She wasn’t happy with the ones she was with.
She was bored and wanted someone to play with…and then to just throw him aside ones she is done with him and left the older twin sibling heartbroken.
…Several more years pass…
The older twin sibling was finally over her when she appeared right in front of him showing him affection and love as if nothing happened and she had just returned from a long trip.
The younger twin sibling gets worried for his older brother.
It doesn’t matter how cold or how much the older twin sibling ignores her, she doesn’t leave!

Now here is where the MV gets a little triply and questionable…even I do not know what kind of story I can fabricate to make up for it…
Because for whatever reason, which I can only assume that the older twin sibling and her had sex, now everything is great between them!
Then somehow whatever is in that basket; whatever the younger twin sinking hid in there, she finds out that it means that the younger twin sibling likes her.
First of all, you share that shop with your older brother and you are telling me that he is not aware of that basket and whatever is inside of it????
Sigh…ok moving on!
So now she knows that the younger twin sibling has feelings for her, she is trying to hit on him while being with the older twin sibling!
WTF!!! Girly! You pick one! One Only! Yes they look alike and it is easy to confuse them sometimes but that gives you no excuse to knowingly sleep or date both of them!!

And then here is the other messed up part…
How is it that they walk down an alley in the middle of the day…
And gets beaten up by mafia people.
What happen to all those cops on beat!!!
All my TVB series have cops on beat and always get just normal kids fighting in alleys and you are telling that they didn’t see the twins getting beaten?!?!
Either I have been lied to by TVB series or the cops were just ignoring what happened…
And why does she have that look on her face…
What is her relationship with the mafia guy!!

I think they cut it a little too quickly in the end…
This could actually be a pretty nice short story if it was cut nicely.
I would love to know if they have the whole story…I would love to just see that with no dance performances…
But that is just me…

…But overall, I think this song is catchy.
Sightseeing was great.
Choreography was nice, precise and on point. A little simple from their usual more choreography depended songs but it is still pleasant.
The story could definitely need a better ending.
Sigh…well…so that is my ‘little’ spiel on this MV…but don’t take my word for it…watch it for yourself and judge…
Opinions are subjective.



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