Posted in December 2013

Untouchable – Vain MV [Eng. Sub]

Those words… Why must we always regret the things we do not have. We never know how to appreciate what we have in front of us. Must we always loose it in order to understand its value? This song gives off exactly that feeling. We always takes those for granted until it is too late. … Continue reading

Mangoes A-Go-Go!!

Is it the mango season? Good anytime of the year! No big feast for christmas? Have some mangoes and have a tropical season in winter. -Mlis

Merry Holidays!!!

Happy merry holidays everyone!!! 2013 is coming to an end quickly! Hope all your wishes and dreams came true this year. No? No worries! Do not give up hope! This will be better in 2014 if not make it better! Take as much as you can into your own hands and control. -Mlis

Yum yum yum yum

Sometimes you just want something sweet! Ice cream and cake! Best of both worlds! In some whiskey sauce! Mmmmm When you have that craving! This dessert was quite tasty! I like eating cake or fudge or anything topped with a scoop of ice cream! Warm and cold sensation!! If you haven’t tried it yet! You … Continue reading

Get Closer

It’s funny. Everyday…you walk/drive pass the same location and never notice the beauty it has to offer until you are ‘forced’ to. It is always because you have a project that needed that location or you are on a date and wanted to take your date to a relaxing location or you wanted some alone … Continue reading

Dating Awkwardness…

Thought I switch things up a bit and share a different kind of “Entertainment” this time around. Dating Awkwardness…Everyone goes through it at some point in there life. I believe that dating awkwardness is the source of people not having a better half. Because of dating awkwardness, people get nervous or gets embarrassed for being … Continue reading

Go gators!!!

Hi everyone! This week’s scenery takes you to a football field. Although you never know where you will really sit, the view is always so pretty. This was my first game at my school…. And we lost… Disappointing for me… Better luck next year!! But I did enjoy the view though!! Hope everyone has been … Continue reading