Posted in January 2014

Sushi Love

They say cooked sushi isnt real sushi. Or cooked sushi is a waste of stomach space and money. In some ways it is true but sometimes you need some cooked sushi to break up the constant intake of raw sushi. A good balance would be to have a little of both. Advertisements

Deep… With Ga In’s Fxxk U (Ft. Bumkey)

My reaction to this… Kinda feels weird hearing the swear word in the song (won’t turn into a singalong…) Firstly, this is an interesting song.  I like how k-pop is slowly taking stabs into a more mature audience.  I have to say though, GaIn pulls off the concept real well.  Brown Eyed Girls have always … Continue reading

No idea…. Exotic?

This week is another day for food! And today we are going with exotic? I really don’t know the name of this dish because I went to a birthday dinner and they ordered and I just ate. BUT back to the food. It is squid sliced and boiled and poured with some soy sauce. I … Continue reading

La La La La with Rain – LA Song

  THE RETURN OF RAIN!!! So here is Rain with his comeback.  One of his comeback songs.  Out of the ones released, this is a quite fun one!     For those that don’t know Rain he is a Korean kpop idol who starred in Ninja Assassin!  Need I say more! Enjoy the song!! Hope … Continue reading


Definitely not very appetizing. But what are going to do when you have little or no ingredients to make your sandwhich. Use whatever you have available and create something delicious. It may look a little or alot grotesque but then again most things that look pretty grotesque are actually pretty good and surprising. Like they … Continue reading

Summer Rain???

Is summer rain not done and over with? Why is it raining so much… Is it time for hurricane season already? But the year just started… But I have to admit, the rain does look rather dashing in those lights. -Mlis


Hey everybody!! Today’s food item is colorful popcorn! It is quite surprising….. I thought it was just coloring but turns out that the colors match with a fruit… So here I am eating popcorn but taste citrus or strawberry or grape flavors popcorn, kind of weird…. If you haven’t tried it you should! Hope everyone … Continue reading