Setting your own roof on fire with 2NE1 – Fire


Doing a little throwback here!!  

2NE1 are great artists and i don’t need to say much about them.  I just want to review the beginning sentences a little… it is brought to my attention and it is funny….  Especially when I don’t understand the english in the songs, It comes to my attention… so here goes! The lines are:


“I go by the name of CL of 2NE1
It’s been a long time coming, but we’re here now
And we bout to set the roof on fire baby
You better get yours cause in gettin mine”

So… It’s funny cause when I hear it she is telling me to get my own roof and I shouldn’t set her roof on fire…

I fine it funny, just a little humor. Nothing serious….

Anywho! Just thought id point that out for you guys! So next time you listen to it, it gets you thinking!!

Have a good week! And listen to the song if you haven’t already!!


Song: YouTube, 2NE1 fire


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