Deep… With Ga In’s Fxxk U (Ft. Bumkey)

My reaction to this… Kinda feels weird hearing the swear word in the song (won’t turn into a singalong…)

Firstly, this is an interesting song.  I like how k-pop is slowly taking stabs into a more mature audience.  I have to say though, GaIn pulls off the concept real well.  Brown Eyed Girls have always done well with these more mature concepts, maybe because they are older? lol

What I got from this song is that they are dating and the guy wants to move the relationship from a more innocent one to a more mature one.  The girl was probably not ready for it but the guy is forcing her and this is her telling him to fxxk off cause she knows what he is up to.. but in the end she lost cause of love…   Something along those lines.. lol?


Any thoughts anyone?


Let me know what you think!! 

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Stay warm!


Music: Fxxk U (ft Bumkey) by GaIn.  Available on youtube


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