Posted in February 2014

Sky and roads

Heyyyyy everybody!!! I haven’t been anywhere recently so I don’t have much scenery… This was a picture I took a couple of months back. Hope everyone is having a good week! See you in 2 days •Wen Advertisements

Wee Dawgies!

Dogs in a blanket. Doggies in wee blankies! All snug and comfy. One of the simplest foods but also one of the delicious. Just something about hotdogs in any form is just divine. Don’t like doggies in a blankie? Mix it up! Wrap your favorite meat in these blankies. It might be strange or a … Continue reading

Happy Times

Yes. Christmas is over and the season is moving into the spring. And yes. It is the season to do the annual cleanup. But this does not mean one can not dream. Dream of a happier time. Once you overlook the rushed shopping, sales, everyone pushing each other to get something decent for the loved … Continue reading

Stu chiken an rice an peas

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a swell weekend! I know I have been missing a couple of days. But here I am! This week’s food bring you to my second hometown. JAMAICA! Yup, I was raised in Jamaica for a bit. Miss the food there so I went and tried some restaurants here. And … Continue reading

C-Clown – Justice (암행어사)

OMGSH!!!!! C-CLOWN!!!! IS!!!!! BACK!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAA~!!! So the style is very different from their usual “Shaking Heart” and “Far Away…Young Love”. Don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Just like B.A.P., they are experimenting with different styles. Although I don’t see why C-Clown would want to do that since their R&B, Romantic, sweet style … Continue reading

Because it is Valentine’s

Tomorrow is Valentine’s!! Yay yay! For those single like me, it is also single awareness! Treat yourself to some chocolate, hang out with some friends!! ….or just treat it like a regular day, that’s cool too. Me? It will be a regular day for me. Yup. Working… Hope everyone has a sweet and warm Valentine’s … Continue reading

Yum Yum in Tum Tum~

Crispy skin pork, BBQ short ribs, and Yang Chaw Fried rice. Ugh…it doesn’t get any better than this! The crispiness of the pork skin with the tender soft yet dry pork meat dipped in some soy sauce… Omgsh! Heavenly. Best Cantonese food ever in Orlando, Florida. Words can not describe the tastiness of this dish. … Continue reading

Ow! with Pro C ft Ailee in Love Hurts

I have been in love with this song!!! I love the words in the song! I don’t know what else to say.  Ailee’s voice is amazing as usual!! A really good song! Take a listen if you haven’t!!    Valentine’s day is approaching soon! Communication is key to a good relationship 🙂   Here is … Continue reading