B.A.P – 1004 (Angel)

B.A.P. is back!!!!
OMGSH!!! *Fan-girling* EEEEeee…
But enough of me gushing over them…
This is definitely different from their “Warrior” Debut…
They seem to changing and going through some genres and styles.
I am not a huge fan of this genre on B.A.P. but it is acceptable.
I was expecting something more hardcore and badass just like when they debuted but instead they came back with this…
It really isn’t all that bad.
In a way it shows that they are growing up and there is more to them then the hardcore badasses.

The teaser, I got really excited after watching the teaser.
Sure it isn’t a fast paced teaser but something about it just made me anticipate the full release and to be honest I was not let down but at the same time I do feel like they let me down.
I thought maybe this will be one or two of the songs in the album and then have the hardcore ones hidden in the album track but..nope!
The entire album is definitely something different.
Something that B.A.P. has never really done or tried.
I would say that this style is not an entire miss.
After listening to it some more, I have come to like it.
Hopefully in the future they can mix in this style along with their hard-hitting, hardcore, badass style.

The MV itself, I thought, was very nice and soft.
Each one of them trapped in some way missing this 1004(angel).
Speaking of which, I would really like it if K-Pop can assign/give each member a different girl!!
Stop having all the boy band members fall for that one girl!
And they all get really butt-hurt about it when she leaves them!
First of all, she is dating/going out/seeing all of the members, so yeah once she gets bored of all of them or once she says ‘Yup! I’m done with every single one of them.’…
She will move on and onto other boy bands…
K-Pop give these boys each a girl!
Stop having all the members share that one girl/boy!
Asians…there are plenty of them.
It is not that hard to get one for each member…

All that ranting aside, I am not entirely outraged by this song.
I honestly actually like it and think it is nice.
There is one part in it that I do not enjoy too much and it is the part where it sounds as if most of the music has been turned off and Bang Yong Kook is rapping a little and then it picks up again.
But other than that, I like this song.
The album isn’t bad.
Look forward to future comebacks/releases!

B.A.P.!!!!! Yeah!



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