C-Clown – Justice (암행어사)

OMGSH!!!!! C-CLOWN!!!! IS!!!!! BACK!!!!!

So the style is very different from their usual “Shaking Heart” and “Far Away…Young Love”.
Don’t hate it but I don’t love it either.
Just like B.A.P., they are experimenting with different styles.
Although I don’t see why C-Clown would want to do that since their R&B, Romantic, sweet style fits them so very well.
But then again the same thing could be said about B.A.P.
Hey!!! They switch styles!!!
B.A.P. is doing soft, R&B, sweet melodies; something C-Clown does and C-Clown is doing the hip-hop, tough, cool, warrior-ish melodies! Something B.A.P. does.
Haha..That’s funny.

But anyways, the MV itself is interesting to look at.
I don’t like some of the shakiness of individual shots of the boys.
I understand that they are matching the beat but somehow I wish there was a better way to do it and still get the same feel.
The set sure is interesting to look at.
The change cuts match pretty well.
Choreography is on point. The members are cute as ever~!
Except for Kang Jun…Why the heck did they put two dots on his forehead.
It looks strange.
Not sure what they are trying to convey.
Rome looks frikkin awesome! Stinking love him!! Rome is my bias in case ya didn’t know =p
The silhouette are fun.THe MV itself is a pretty fun concept.
Costumes were good. Not my style to see them in hip-hop attire.
I prefer the suit and tie.

The song, wow…, the song itself sure is something different.
Definitely something C-Clown hasn’t tried before and I am not complaining!
Somehow it still works well for them.
This proofs it that C-Clown can pull off any genre and look good doing so!
It seems that everyone is going through a phase to add traditional music instruments into their mix.
G-Dragon did it; Kim HyunJoong did it; ToppDogg; and who knows who else.
It’s not bad. It gives the song character.

Overall, I like this song.
No complains.
Maybe just one.
Hopefully this will not become their primary style and they won’t go back to their R&B style.
That would really oil me.
I look forward to more great things from these boys!
C-Clown Fighting~!!!


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