Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! 😀

This weeks food is liquid! I’ve been into this trying to “lose” weight and be healthy thing.. And every month you see something new about losing weight. I’ve tried a couple if things and I honestly don’t know what has worked…

Though the most important thing is eating right. But how can you!?!? When there is so many tasty stuff out there! Sigh… Life..

One step at a time. I’ve been looking at detox recipes to “start over”…. Every month. So I found this lemon water thing and boy is it a hassle. I did this and it taste pretty good, I could get use to it. Apart from when you let it steep too long it become bitter cause of the lemon skin.

So my liquid options so far have been this and tea.

Mind over matter….?

I am always open to new ways of being “healthy”. I just got an one serving blender! Excited! When I use it I’ll make a healthy post about it :p

Anyways, hope everyone is having a healthy weekend! See you in a couple of days! 😀



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