100% – Beat (심장이 뛴다) MV

100% is back..but with only 5 members.
1 is getting ready for the army while the other simply left the group.
I am not too sure of the reasons..only started to like this group a little more.

100%, I don’t think their previous concepts were this dark.
I think this is a big change for them.
If I remember correctly, 100% had more of a sexy, gentleman, classic look to them.
This right here is..dark and..what else would you call this?
Not as flashy; more dark; thriller-ish.
I believe they call it vampire concept.
Can they pull it off?
I think so.
I think this group can pull off any concept they want.
I think they are one of those flexible ones that is able to do whatever concept and not look like they try too hard or is out of place and completely weird and simply unpleasant to look at.

The MV itself is not too interesting too look at.
I am not sure if he is in limbo and trying to get to a time where he and the girl were together or is he running away from something.
What about the girl.
Is she the mastermind of creating this guy and is watching him dream?
Did she go into his dreams and fabricated romance with him?
Did the guy kill her once the armor was place on him?
Did she capture him and took off all his armor and froze him in that pod?
Is the armor his source to stay alive?
Why is trying to put the armor on?

So yeah. I don’t entirely understand the MV but the song is pretty good.

I like the beat of the song.
Has a nice mix of bass and piano.
Catchy melody.
Good hook.
Choreography is interesting but good.

Overall I think it is a nice song!
Has a good beat and I will definitely enjoy listening to it for the next couple of days.



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