Have sushi…? with Orange Caramel in Catallena


So this week music and entertainment will bring you to Kpop music once again! This week it is Orange Caramel with their song name Catallena.  Orange Caramel is the sub group of After School (“AS”).  AS usually does sexy concepts and this sub group is doing weird concept, a bit different from their AS group concept.  Yes, I said weird.. I mean they always release some interesting videos.

My thoughts

Atleast I thought this video was weird.  I listened to it with the subs and thought what…?! No idea.  I think they are admiring a woman not in a sexual way but just admire, everyone does that right? So it isn’t wrong.  So if it talks about admiring women… what does the sushi gotta do with it?  Well I honestly haven’t looked so deeply into it BUT I now strangely like this catchy song.  At first it is…. eh and now it is quite catchy and I find myself singing and humming it..


If you haven’t checked it out make sure you take a listen to it and if you have seen it before then let me know what you think!

Here is the subbed version for those like me that don’t understand…

And those interested in learning the dance


Hope everyone having a good day! 😀

Thank you



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