Posted in April 2014

Let’s do Math with 2048!!!

Hello everyone!!! Here is today’s entertainment!! Recently I’ve been introduced to this game called 2048. It was addicting at first but now it is a little boring…. For those who don’t know this game, it is a game that you basically swipe at I add the same numbers together and eventually obtain 2048, which is … Continue reading


Yum yum! Hello everyone! Recently my dad has been cooking up a storm! And this is what crazies I’ve been eating lol. This is just steamed crab with some soy sauce thingy and dip away! Well hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! I will see you on Tuesday! 😀 •Wen Ps: I really need to … Continue reading

Uh-eeeeee With Crayon Pop

  HELLO EVERYONE!!   Ive been missing I know.  This week music I bring you some crayon pop with their new song.  Quite interested but I am not hooked on. They do some crazy shit which makes me think if they get embarrassed by the concepts sometimes… cause I think I would… Well then again … Continue reading


So I don’t know what to say about this photo, but basically, here it is!! Hope everyone is having a good day/week so far!! See you guys in 2 days! •Wen

Up close and personal

Hello everyone!! Today’s scenery is some tulips! My colleague planted some tulips in her office and they finally bloomed! And this is the unprofessional professional looking photo that I took 😀 haha Well anyways, hope everyone is having a swell week so far! See you on Saturday! •Wen