Posted in October 2014

Ailee’s magazine

Hello world! The powerful singer of korea has returned with her second album. Her title track “don’t touch me” is a. As usual, powerful. I find that she always tend to sing those girl power songs. Not complaining, cause she does have the voice and tone for it! Though my personal favorite track is “teardrop”. … Continue reading

That winter, the wind blows.

I’ve been watching a lot of kdramas lately. I’ve been picking my dramas based on the cast… :$ this one was picked because Eunji was in it. She didn’t have a main role but it was still interesting. The following are my opinions. The story was nice, quite interesting. But the ending…. I don’t know … Continue reading

Water fountain of joy

Hello everyone!! I know I know!! It has been years!! I’m back now. I have captured the fountains. This fountain as its multi usage. A lot of children like to play with water and this is person for them. These act as a great scenery and also a great playground. Very interesting.. I should run … Continue reading