That winter, the wind blows.


I’ve been watching a lot of kdramas lately. I’ve been picking my dramas based on the cast… :$ this one was picked because Eunji was in it. She didn’t have a main role but it was still interesting.

The following are my opinions.

The story was nice, quite interesting. But the ending…. I don’t know if I have too high of an expectation or what but I was very very very very disappointed in the ending. It was a very objective ending. Yes I can imagine the ending I want but I still want to see it go the way I imagined it!!

Sigh… I always watch dramas and get disappointed by the endings…

Oh fun fact, jo in sung, the main lead had a scene and he looks ugly crying! I think the directors and cinematographer picked that up and I’ve never seen ugly crying anymore! 🙂 they have him over his face or something. Sometimes I wonder how they told him… Hehehe

It was a pretty interesting drama though.

If you have free time on your hang and like kdramas and haven’t watched it. Check it out. If you have watched it then let me know what you think of the ending.. And maybe enlighten me..

See you in 2 days~!



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