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Fusion fusion!!

Hello foodies! So recently I discovered a taco place in Orlando. It’s quite interesting. They have tacos and burritos, but! It is stuffed with asian cuisine!! Yes..! Asian cuisine! I tried their tacos and then I went back again and tries a burrito! It is actually quite delicious! I would want to try the whole … Continue reading

Rice pot

Hellooooo everyone! It’s has been forever since I’ve posted! I have whoever returned!!! I went to china and had some tasty and not so tasty foods XD Here is one I liked! It was basically rice and then on top they put some shrimps and stuff and steam it. This makes the shrimp flavor seep … Continue reading


Yum yum! Hello everyone! Recently my dad has been cooking up a storm! And this is what crazies I’ve been eating lol. This is just steamed crab with some soy sauce thingy and dip away! Well hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! I will see you on Tuesday! 😀 •Wen Ps: I really need to … Continue reading

Fresh! Fish

Hellloooo everyone! Yea I know it has been awhile… Food is easy for my to post sometimes… I haven’t been places… 😦 yea it is so sad 😦 This week food is some homemade steamed fish!! Yumm It is Asian style and you just steam the fish and then make a little soy sauce dressing … Continue reading

Muffin Cones~

Why make cupcakes/muffins in a boring cupcake pan. Mix it up and use ice cream cones instead! The result is just adorably delicious! Of course you can decorate them! Decorate them the way you want with the flavor you want the way you want. Go crazy! Sprinkles! Frosting! Glaze! Don’t be shy and let your … Continue reading

No name soup

Hello everyone!!! It is another food week with me! This week I have some soup! I love soup, I could have soup for dinner, which is exactly what I had. Well yes people have soup as a main dish. Buy being Asian, in out family soup is always a side thing. But it can be … Continue reading

Fancy Your Ramen~?

Finally!!! Ramen in an extra large mug bowl!! Is there really a difference eating from a regular bowl? No, no there isn’t. It is all a mental thing. The only difference now is that you have a handle to hold your bowl while eating. Whereas a regular bowl you may burn your fingers eating hot … Continue reading