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Water fountain of joy

Hello everyone!! I know I know!! It has been years!! I’m back now. I have captured the fountains. This fountain as its multi usage. A lot of children like to play with water and this is person for them. These act as a great scenery and also a great playground. Very interesting.. I should run … Continue reading

Namsan Tower

Hello everyone!! I recently went to Korea. And ofcourse as a tourist, I had to visit some attractions. I went to namsan tower! It was quite fun!! If you are a fan of Korea and have seen it on tv, this was like an as seen on tv!! It is a couple spot, many couples … Continue reading

Spring is here!!!

Yay! Pretty trees!! I know awhile back I had a pink tree, this time I captures a yellow one!! It was beautiful! Wish I could’ve gotten better shots but couldn’t,.. I was driving 😦 Hope everyone is enjoying the spring 🙂 Have a good week guys! tomorrow is Friday!! Yay! See you guys on Saturday!! … Continue reading


So I don’t know what to say about this photo, but basically, here it is!! Hope everyone is having a good day/week so far!! See you guys in 2 days! •Wen

Up close and personal

Hello everyone!! Today’s scenery is some tulips! My colleague planted some tulips in her office and they finally bloomed! And this is the unprofessional professional looking photo that I took 😀 haha Well anyways, hope everyone is having a swell week so far! See you on Saturday! •Wen

Interpret this

It’s been too long! Well I am here today… So you ever see paintings and wonder what the painter/artist was thinking? I was at the gym one day and saw this… Me trying to interpret it.. Hmmm… Though you think you are small but you are tall… Or… Though you may look tall but you … Continue reading

Mini Vacation~°

Ready! Set! Journey! No matter the size, make, model, style of your transportation, go out and make the most of a trip! If it’s a beautiful day, take the opportunity and take a roadtrip! Even if you have no idea where your destination may be, just go and be on the open road. Of course, … Continue reading

Emotional Pic

Wonderful, peaceful, calm, beautiful blue sky. Just by looking at this picture you feel as if you were there. Just by looking at it, you can feel the serenity, the calm gentle breeze, the welcoming sunlight. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but they fail to mention that pictures carry emotions as … Continue reading