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Airplane food

Hello everyone!! Greetings from the other side of the world!! I am on vacation to china. This is the food that was served in my trips which I find interesting. The portions are small and tastes quite goodish… This is the barbecue chicken with veggie salad. Yum!! Well that’s it for this week. I will … Continue reading

Ow! with Pro C ft Ailee in Love Hurts

I have been in love with this song!!! I love the words in the song! I don’t know what else to say.  Ailee’s voice is amazing as usual!! A really good song! Take a listen if you haven’t!!    Valentine’s day is approaching soon! Communication is key to a good relationship 🙂   Here is … Continue reading

Deep… With Ga In’s Fxxk U (Ft. Bumkey)

My reaction to this… Kinda feels weird hearing the swear word in the song (won’t turn into a singalong…) Firstly, this is an interesting song.  I like how k-pop is slowly taking stabs into a more mature audience.  I have to say though, GaIn pulls off the concept real well.  Brown Eyed Girls have always … Continue reading

La La La La with Rain – LA Song

  THE RETURN OF RAIN!!! So here is Rain with his comeback.  One of his comeback songs.  Out of the ones released, this is a quite fun one!     For those that don’t know Rain he is a Korean kpop idol who starred in Ninja Assassin!  Need I say more! Enjoy the song!! Hope … Continue reading

Shhhh with Miss A – Hush

Hello everyone! Today’s entertainment is another kpop song!! Miss A recently had there comeback with Hush.  At first I don’t like the song, but it grew up me. I feel this song fits Miss A.  Listening to it without knowing what they say… but from the little Korean I know, it sounds sexual lol…. Their … Continue reading


There is nothing more calming than a setting sun. Ok maybe the open sea but on land, there is nothing more calming or soothing. But do not stare right into the sun please; no matter how beautiful. Literally, blinding beauty. To all those couples out there, a very good time to ‘escape’ any difficulties you … Continue reading

Stuffed Cutie

“Am I not a cutie?” “Everyone just love me!” Sometimes you have to create personalities with objects around you to escape the world. Yes. There will be some that would be think differently of you but never let those types bring you down. Always believe in what you feel comfortable in. -Mlis