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Mini Vacation~°

Ready! Set! Journey! No matter the size, make, model, style of your transportation, go out and make the most of a trip! If it’s a beautiful day, take the opportunity and take a roadtrip! Even if you have no idea where your destination may be, just go and be on the open road. Of course, … Continue reading

Emotional Pic

Wonderful, peaceful, calm, beautiful blue sky. Just by looking at this picture you feel as if you were there. Just by looking at it, you can feel the serenity, the calm gentle breeze, the welcoming sunlight. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but they fail to mention that pictures carry emotions as … Continue reading

Thousand Words

What a beautiful day…3 days ago!! Such a beautiful clear day. Winter is here in the south and a clear day like that is hard to come by… Not too hot, not to cold. Wish everyday could be a beautiful clear perfect temperature day. Sigh… But honestly though, a day like this is best expressed … Continue reading


There is nothing more calming than a setting sun. Ok maybe the open sea but on land, there is nothing more calming or soothing. But do not stare right into the sun please; no matter how beautiful. Literally, blinding beauty. To all those couples out there, a very good time to ‘escape’ any difficulties you … Continue reading

Small & Devious

  Some say: stop and smell the roses. Some others say: Roses are so misleading. It looks lovely, sweet, and beautiful but a closer look reveals its thorns and how painful they really can be. Another type says: Beautiful and devious is the most beautiful combination. Which are you? -Mlis

Eric Nam – “Heaven’s Gate” [Eng Ver]

Feeling down,sad or depressed? This song will help you get lifted a little if not alot. There will be a piece of heaven for everyone out there. You will get there if not now, eventually. Upbeat, romantic, cute, spring-is-coming, everything-will-be-alright type of song. source: youtube.com/user/LOENENT -Mlis

Light Up!!

Red spot everywhere!! Red and white lighted trees. Lights at night = beautiful nights. However, the flash from camera might have ruined this wonderful moment. But then again whatever looks nice through our eyes can never transfer well onto any form of hard copy. -Mlis