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Because it is Valentine’s

Tomorrow is Valentine’s!! Yay yay! For those single like me, it is also single awareness! Treat yourself to some chocolate, hang out with some friends!! ….or just treat it like a regular day, that’s cool too. Me? It will be a regular day for me. Yup. Working… Hope everyone has a sweet and warm Valentine’s … Continue reading


Valentine’s day is near and love is filling up the very air you breathe. Some have someone special to spend the day with while some might not. Happy Special Valentine’s Day!! May everyday be a special day as if it were Valentine’s. As for those who do not have that special someone to spend with, … Continue reading


There is nothing more calming than a setting sun. Ok maybe the open sea but on land, there is nothing more calming or soothing. But do not stare right into the sun please; no matter how beautiful. Literally, blinding beauty. To all those couples out there, a very good time to ‘escape’ any difficulties you … Continue reading

Why chocolate?

It is that time of year. Love chocolate even if you don’t! Happy valentine’s day!! Nothing beats Valentina’s like giving chocolate right? Double the crisp •Wen