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Yum yum! Hello everyone! Recently my dad has been cooking up a storm! And this is what crazies I’ve been eating lol. This is just steamed crab with some soy sauce thingy and dip away! Well hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! I will see you on Tuesday! πŸ˜€ β€’Wen Ps: I really need to … Continue reading

More sushi

Hello there!! πŸ™‚ More sushi pictures!! Need no more words. That’s it. Bye guys β€’Wen

Fresh! Fish

Hellloooo everyone! Yea I know it has been awhile… Food is easy for my to post sometimes… I haven’t been places… 😦 yea it is so sad 😦 This week food is some homemade steamed fish!! Yumm It is Asian style and you just steam the fish and then make a little soy sauce dressing … Continue reading


Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! πŸ˜€ This weeks food is liquid! I’ve been into this trying to “lose” weight and be healthy thing.. And every month you see something new about losing weight. I’ve tried a couple if things and I honestly don’t know what has worked… Though the most important thing is eating right. But … Continue reading

Wee Dawgies!

Dogs in a blanket. Doggies in wee blankies! All snug and comfy. One of the simplest foods but also one of the delicious. Just something about hotdogs in any form is just divine. Don’t like doggies in a blankie? Mix it up! Wrap your favorite meat in these blankies. It might be strange or a … Continue reading

Stu chiken an rice an peas

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a swell weekend! I know I have been missing a couple of days. But here I am! This week’s food bring you to my second hometown. JAMAICA! Yup, I was raised in Jamaica for a bit. Miss the food there so I went and tried some restaurants here. And … Continue reading

Let’s fry everything!!!

Helloooooooooooo Today’s food is fried! I love how in Japan they just deep fry everything’s! I thought it was just ice cream that they fried, but then this happened… IT IS TEMPURA BANANA!!! O.M.G!! Lol I was surprised… Kinda funny.. Didn’t taste it.. So I wouldn’t know how it tastes. So this is my food … Continue reading

No idea…. Exotic?

This week is another day for food! And today we are going with exotic? I really don’t know the name of this dish because I went to a birthday dinner and they ordered and I just ate. BUT back to the food. It is squid sliced and boiled and poured with some soy sauce. I … Continue reading