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Water fountain of joy

Hello everyone!! I know I know!! It has been years!! I’m back now. I have captured the fountains. This fountain as its multi usage. A lot of children like to play with water and this is person for them. These act as a great scenery and also a great playground. Very interesting.. I should run … Continue reading

Let’s do Math with 2048!!!

Hello everyone!!! Here is today’s entertainment!! Recently I’ve been introduced to this game called 2048. It was addicting at first but now it is a little boring…. For those who don’t know this game, it is a game that you basically swipe at I add the same numbers together and eventually obtain 2048, which is … Continue reading

Fun Time, Sing Time~!

Singing til your voice turns coarse and hoarse. Of course if that happens then you just don’t know how to use your voice in a proper manner. Then again not everyone is a singer and knows the proper way of singing. So with that said. Sing as much to your heart’s content! And just have … Continue reading


Valentine’s day is near and love is filling up the very air you breathe. Some have someone special to spend the day with while some might not. Happy Special Valentine’s Day!! May everyday be a special day as if it were Valentine’s. As for those who do not have that special someone to spend with, … Continue reading

Be scared!

It is that time again! Halloween is up and coming! And the theme parks are having a little Halloween party! While Disney is catering to the kids with their not so scary Halloween party, universal studios is having a more adult theme with zombies and scare houses and alcohol~~ Each yea universal Halloween has a … Continue reading

Fun Times

So sorry it has been a while. Been occupied recently but will certainly try to update and possibly entertain. Hope all are having a great time on this ‘day off’ (labor day). Always add some fun into your life. Have fun in everything you do. -Mlis