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Happy Times

Yes. Christmas is over and the season is moving into the spring. And yes. It is the season to do the annual cleanup. But this does not mean one can not dream. Dream of a happier time. Once you overlook the rushed shopping, sales, everyone pushing each other to get something decent for the loved … Continue reading

Merry Holidays!!!

Happy merry holidays everyone!!! 2013 is coming to an end quickly! Hope all your wishes and dreams came true this year. No? No worries! Do not give up hope! This will be better in 2014 if not make it better! Take as much as you can into your own hands and control. -Mlis


There is nothing more calming than a setting sun. Ok maybe the open sea but on land, there is nothing more calming or soothing. But do not stare right into the sun please; no matter how beautiful. Literally, blinding beauty. To all those couples out there, a very good time to ‘escape’ any difficulties you … Continue reading