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Thousand Words

What a beautiful day…3 days ago!! Such a beautiful clear day. Winter is here in the south and a clear day like that is hard to come by… Not too hot, not to cold. Wish everyday could be a beautiful clear perfect temperature day. Sigh… But honestly though, a day like this is best expressed … Continue reading

Teen Top – Date MV

Teen Top…such cuties!! Good song. Kinda wished it was an actual MV and not just behind the scene footage or random footage of the boys. Perfect for the season. Makes you want to go out with your lover and just have a perfect, sweet, romantic, love date. Let this be a reminder of the moment … Continue reading

Worth 1000+ Words?

A picture is worth a 1000 words…or something along those lines. Not sure if this gives the same effect though but it sure was a fun experience. Black and white just makes things look really nostalgic. Wished a color copy was made though. Perfect backyard, let’s-grow-old-together, city-treasure type of photo. How perfect would this be … Continue reading