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Fresh! Fish

Hellloooo everyone! Yea I know it has been awhile… Food is easy for my to post sometimes… I haven’t been places… 😦 yea it is so sad 😦 This week food is some homemade steamed fish!! Yumm It is Asian style and you just steam the fish and then make a little soy sauce dressing … Continue reading

In the night

Hellooooooo everyone!! A little late with my posts, but here it is! I might be a little off or be a little repetitive… This is my scenery for today!! I love night shots, I just need to know how to take them properly… Well that’s all I have! Hope next week will be better! Hope … Continue reading


There is nothing more calming than a setting sun. Ok maybe the open sea but on land, there is nothing more calming or soothing. But do not stare right into the sun please; no matter how beautiful. Literally, blinding beauty. To all those couples out there, a very good time to ‘escape’ any difficulties you … Continue reading

A closer look

Hey everybody! Coming live from Epcot! Maybe not live.. Nice views! Seeing it from a far and can also use the telescope (that’s what it is called right) A pretty view! Seeing a lot of countries at one time and you can take a closer look. Hope everyone is having a good day! Enjoy the … Continue reading

Reel it in

Ah~ It is summer! Nothing like relaxing on the beaches! Don’t like going into the water? Try fishing! Relaxing hobby. Fishing for fun or fishing for sport! Try it! Grab a friend, grab a drink and enjoy the sun and sea! •Wen