Fusion fusion!!

Hello foodies! So recently I discovered a taco place in Orlando. It’s quite interesting. They have tacos and burritos, but! It is stuffed with asian cuisine!! Yes..! Asian cuisine! I tried their tacos and then I went back again and tries a burrito! It is actually quite delicious! I would want to try the whole … Continue reading

Ailee’s magazine

Hello world! The powerful singer of korea has returned with her second album. Her title track “don’t touch me” is a. As usual, powerful. I find that she always tend to sing those girl power songs. Not complaining, cause she does have the voice and tone for it! Though my personal favorite track is “teardrop”. … Continue reading

That winter, the wind blows.

I’ve been watching a lot of kdramas lately. I’ve been picking my dramas based on the cast… :$ this one was picked because Eunji was in it. She didn’t have a main role but it was still interesting. The following are my opinions. The story was nice, quite interesting. But the ending…. I don’t know … Continue reading

Water fountain of joy

Hello everyone!! I know I know!! It has been years!! I’m back now. I have captured the fountains. This fountain as its multi usage. A lot of children like to play with water and this is person for them. These act as a great scenery and also a great playground. Very interesting.. I should run … Continue reading

Namsan Tower

Hello everyone!! I recently went to Korea. And ofcourse as a tourist, I had to visit some attractions. I went to namsan tower! It was quite fun!! If you are a fan of Korea and have seen it on tv, this was like an as seen on tv!! It is a couple spot, many couples … Continue reading

Rice pot

Hellooooo everyone! It’s has been forever since I’ve posted! I have whoever returned!!! I went to china and had some tasty and not so tasty foods XD Here is one I liked! It was basically rice and then on top they put some shrimps and stuff and steam it. This makes the shrimp flavor seep … Continue reading

Oh lay~~ oh lay oh lay!!

ARE? YOU? READY? FOR? WORLD CUP BRASIL?!? Yes everyone, it’s that time again! 4 years have passed! It is time for the world up and this time it is in Brazil! Growing up we’ve always seen soccer so this is quite exciting for me to see. Anyways! Everyone interested, be sure to tune in!! •Wen